Symbole Pika Composites Composite products


  • Manufacturing
  • Clean room
  • RTM Process
  • Autoclave curing
  • 5 axis machining
  • Composite monolithic parts all reinforcements and all resins (Thermoplastic and Thermosetting)
  • Sandwich parts and structures all core materials (honeycomb or foam)
  • Composites open mold or closed mold in processprepreg, RTM or Infusion
  • Machined parts on large dimensions
  • Assemblies by structural bonding or by mechanical assembly
  • Structural, trim and aesthetic parts meeting the technical specifications
  • Prototypes, demonstrators and serial parts all sectors
  • High performance composite tools
  • Elastomeric, monolithic or hybrid counter-forms for the production of high value-added parts

After more than a year of implantation, industrialization, qualification and development, Pika becomes manufacturer of composite structural parts for Dassault Aviation. The wing spars (rear wing) and the Kevlar Box (vertical drift) made by Pika in accordance with the RTM process have been declared “flying products” and will equip the Falcon 900, 2000, 7X and 8X business aircraft.

Cutting and packaging means

  • 1 CN Fabrics Cutting machine for high production rate: LECTRA Vector FX with Postprint head for labeling, Forward stacking table and rearward sorting tables / High dimensions preparation table
  • 1 high rate motorised rewinder: Kits winding on specific mandrel
  • 1 Thermosealing machine : packaging for kits

RTM Production Line

Manufacturing Line of RTM composites structures (Dassault Aviation, Falcon program)
Carbon wing sparsin Carbon/ Epoxy (F900/2000 program) : 4 references, rate 24 parts / month
Kevlar Box spar in Kevlar / Epoxy (F7X/F8X program) : 1 reference, rate 4 parts / month