Symbole Pika Composites Pika’s presentation

SPika has been a specialist in the “all materials” cutting for 15 years, and has recently moved to Bayonne Technocité in a new factory, dedicated to its original business and integrating a new unit: Pika Composite, which is positioned on the study and Production of composite semi-finished products (cuts, kits and mattresses) as well as high-performance finished parts for aeronautics, boating and industry.

We are equipped with modern means of cutting all types of soft and metallic materials in the Pika Tôlerie unit (water jet, laser, vibrating knife and CNC milling).

The Composites workshop also has advanced industrial means allowing the production of composite parts according to the RTM, infusion and pre-oven impregnated processes. In 2016 an autoclave and a 5-axis machining machine were added to the list of our means to go even further in the shaping of composite parts made of composite materials.

Strong points

  • A complete and modern machine park
  • Qualified and responsive resources
  • Quality at the heart of society
  • The complementarity of 2 trades Sheet Metal and Composites
  • Innovation and technological collaboration

Experience and know-how

  • Cutting, kitting and packaging of all materials
  • Development, industrialization and manufacture of composite and metal parts and assemblies

Main axes of development

  • Study, industrialization and manufacture of composite structures for aeronautics and transport
  • Experience and know-how in design and manufacturing all composite processes: RTM, Thermosetting and thermoplastic Prepregs
  • High reactivity to best meet market requirements
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, EN9100
  • Technical partnership with Compositadour (Composites and Robotics Research Center))