Symbole Pika Composites 20 years of industrial agility

Pika, which means cutting in Basque, was born from the purchase of a company specializing in the cutting of leather and fabrics for the manufacture of footwear. In order to move out of a sector which at the time was tending towards a progressive relocation, the company is moving towards the cutting of metals, wood, plastics and composites while trying to touch different sectors of activity and To expand its clientele.

The aim of the managers is to gather a maximum number of means and machines in order to be able to cut a wide variety of materials and formats (soft, hard, fine or thick metals, elastomers, technical textiles and plastics in the form of plates or panels ).
In 2005, Pika made an important first turn by cutting fabrics (glass, carbon, kevlar, dry or pre-impregnated) and consumables used in the manufacture of composite parts for the aeronautics sector. From basic semi-products (specifically packaged cutting kits), the need evolves towards mattresses and other high-value-added (carbon-PEEK) preforms.

After several solicitations from its customers and thanks to a healthy financial situation, Pika finally took the plunge by starting in the manufacture of finished composite parts from 2015, the year that marks the construction of the Bayonne Technocité plant And the integration of an RTM line to manufacture Falcon composite spars for Dassault.